Children are the Future – Interview with Kathryn Pearson

It almost goes without saying that teaching EFT to young people makes huge sense. In general, they are carrying less emotional baggage and their limiting beliefs and habits are less well formed. What a wonderful world it would be if EFT were taught in schools!

With the above in mind, I am delighted to bring you my interview with Kathryn Pearson

Kathryn was a high school teacher, working closely with young people for over 7 years, she now is an EFT practitioner and qualified Teen Yoga Teacher specializing in helping sensitive teens and young women manage stress, fear, and worry. Her mission is to give the next generation the confidence and tools to break free from negative thinking and be able to follow their dreams. Using Teen Yoga, breathing techniques, mindfulness strategies, and EFT she aims to empower and inspire the world over.

Kathryn is currently writing a book herself, aimed at helping adolescents learn these tools and techniques – which Kathryn feels is a vital missing piece of the current education system.

She runs local yoga classes for teens and works at local schools and colleges delivering Teen Yoga, whilst running her own private EFT practice from home.

Visit her website www.kathrynpearson.co.uk or contact [email protected]

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