7 Ways to Change Your Mind & Change the Planet with Frances Moore Lappe

Now more than ever, we’re looking at the state of the world and wondering – or panicking – ‘what can I do to fix this?!”  Listen in and you’ll find 7 ways to look and think about the world’s challenges in a different way, and to great effect.

Frances Moore Lappe brings an incredible lifetime of thoughtful insights and experience, much of which is documented in her 18 books.  Her latest effort is EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want.  In this remarkable work, we learn an efficient collection of ways to make this real for each of us, right where we are.

As TapFest circles the globe, that means, ‘anywhere you are on the planet’…there’s something here for you!

Many of you may know Frances from her book, Diet for a Small Planet , and can attest to her wisdom and passion for living more abundantly, and with abundance for all.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to converse with a treasure of our age, when Frances Moore Lappe joins TapFest!

TapFest host Jondi Whitis brings you another world thinker and innovator to inspire you twith new wisdom for your own community, family and practice.  And after the interview, Jondi will tap with whomever is on the line to integrate this passionate work into your own.

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