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3 Tapping Meditations for Feeling Calm, Relaxed and at Peace

Tapping Meditations

These 3 tapping meditations are free and only available for a limited time. I highly recommend you not only access immediately, and download to be able to use them anytime you need them. If you’ve never heard of a Tapping Meditation, it’s a powerful process that combines traditional meditation with EFT Tapping, a technique which …Read More

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Video: Dr. Christiane Northrup – How to Control Your Age


How often have you said, “Now that I’m [insert an age] I’m too old to [insert an activity: go back to school, learn a language, fall in love, learn to dance, drive at night, get fit…]?” We’ve all been there. Whether you’re 25 or 90 years old, the clock always seems to be ticking. You …Read More

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4 Ways You Can Make $75K as a Coach – Watch This Video

Watch Margaret Lynch video

If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck as a coach, Margaret’s mission is to show YOU and the entire coaching industry how to thrive. This is the coaching advice you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss it! We’re living in the most exciting time in history to be an entrepreneur! Having your own business today means having the chance …Read More

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VIDEO: Here is What’s Keeping You from Getting Paid More

Margaret Lynch video

Are you a smart, talented and hard-working person? But you aren’t being seen, valued and paid at the level you truly desire (and deserve)? Margaret Lynch can tell you why…and more importantly show you how to finally stop pulling back and get noticed. Margaret just released a hot-new video, “Get Your Rock Star Vibe On: …Read More

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The Science Behind Tapping; What’s Really Going on When You Tap?

Dawson Church

Watch this new video that explains why EFT tapping works and what really happens in your body when you tap. Dawson Church is an award-winning author whose best-selling book, “The Genie in Your Genes” has been hailed by reviewers as a breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics. He founded the National Institute for Integrative …Read More

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How You Can Use EFT Tapping Today to Finally Lose Weight Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Jessica Ortner Lose Weight with EFT tapping

Don’t miss this special free webinar with an EFT tapping expert who has coached over 4,000 people on this topic, based on her new tapping book coming out next month. When you think about how to release 
extra weight, what are the first 
things that you think of? 

Eating better and exercising, right? That’s what most …Read More

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See Bobbie’s Emotional and Physical Transformation


“I wish you’d never been born!” Those were the words that Bobbie heard from her father at her 5th birthday party, in front of her friends. They were just a few of the painful words she had to hear through the years from her father. This particular event was one of the most painful and …Read More

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Is EFT Tapping Just a Placebo Effect? – Surprising Research

Lissa Ranking Tapping World Summit video

Do you ever worry about getting a serious illness? Even if you take good care of yourself, is there a part of you that wonders…could it happen to me? Could I get something like cancer? Several years back Dr. Lissa Rankin, M.D. was wondering why many of her seemingly “healthy” patients were getting sick. Why …Read More

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Wayne Dyer Demonstrates EFT Tapping to Forgive – Tapping World Summit Video #1

Wayne Dyer EFT Tapping World Summit 2014

He was very, very angry – and with good reason. If you had been in Wayne’s shoes, would you have been able to forgive? Who do you have in YOUR life that you need to forgive? How would it change your life to forgive and release any anger, resentment, hatred or other negative emotions that …Read More

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Video: Easy Way to Help Yourself and Others

More than anything I want to alleviate suffering – mine and others! That is why I started EFT Radio, and that is what keeps me going. A big question is ‘how do we help people who are suffering?’ When the tragedy in Newtown, CT happened I spent days crying. It was unbearable for me to imagine the …Read More

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