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Free Trauma Training Webinar for Practitioners

Trauma webinar for practitioners

If you do any form of tapping, then you face this opportunity and risk every day; the possibility that the next person you tap with will walk in with unresolved emotional trauma. The question is do you have enough training to know what to do when trauma arises? There is a growing world of critical …Read More

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Last Chance to Get These Free EFT Videos

2015 Tapping World Summit Bonuses

The 7th annual Tapping World Summit starts February 23rd and now is your last chance to get access to these special bonus videos and register for this online event before it starts. You’ve probably heard about the Tapping World Summit from a dozen places by now. Everyone is talking about it. The Tapping World Summit …Read More

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2015 Tapping World Summit Schedule

tapping world summit 2015 schedule

2015 Tapping World Summit Schedule You DO NOT want to miss this free online event that transforms lives!  This event is an experience! Attendees don’t just leave with ideas or theories on how to make their life better, they leave actually feeling better.  They leave with less stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, sadness, and other negative emotions. …Read More

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2015 Tapping World Summit – Registration is Now Open!

Tapping World Summit 2015 register

Over 1 million people have attended this special free online event that has a reputation for transforming lives! Learn a technique that has been scientifically proven to get results and is supported by the world’s leading personal development experts, medical doctors, and psychologists, and it’s all free. The technique is EFT, or Tapping, and if you’ve …Read More

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3 Tapping Meditations for Feeling Calm, Relaxed and at Peace

Tapping Meditations

These 3 tapping meditations are free and only available for a limited time. I highly recommend you not only access immediately, and download to be able to use them anytime you need them. If you’ve never heard of a Tapping Meditation, it’s a powerful process that combines traditional meditation with EFT Tapping, a technique which …Read More

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Video: Dr. Christiane Northrup – How to Control Your Age


How often have you said, “Now that I’m [insert an age] I’m too old to [insert an activity: go back to school, learn a language, fall in love, learn to dance, drive at night, get fit…]?” We’ve all been there. Whether you’re 25 or 90 years old, the clock always seems to be ticking. You …Read More

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The Tapping World Summit 2015 is Here!!

Tapping World Summit 2015 video 1

This is THE BIGGEST EFT Tapping event of the year! There has never been a simpler way and easier time to share EFT Tapping with your family, friends, and co-workers. Just have them watch THIS video!! Over the last 6 years over 1 MILLION people have attended this free annual online event to learn a …Read More

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Your Optimal Diet Summit: Join 8 top experts


In this day and age, we’re constantly bombarded with mixed messages about what constitutes good nutrition, as well as conflicting information about one-size-fits-all diet plans. The result? You end up frustrated and confused when you try different approaches and don’t see sustainable results. You feel hungry, tired and depleted. Your weight yo-yos. You develop aches, …Read More

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4 Ways You Can Make $75K as a Coach – Watch This Video

Watch Margaret Lynch video

If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck as a coach, Margaret’s mission is to show YOU and the entire coaching industry how to thrive. This is the coaching advice you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss it! We’re living in the most exciting time in history to be an entrepreneur! Having your own business today means having the chance …Read More

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Free Training – Jack Canfield’s Effortless Success Mindfest

Jack Canfield free training - Effortless Success

Although tens of thousands have purchased these recordings for hundreds of dollars, they are free now, but only for a limited time.  If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, you get what you ask for, Ask/Believe/Receive, but you are still not getting everything you want…today that changes. This is a …Read More

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