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A Stranger In My Bed; a spouse’s journey through PTSD

Debbie Sprague PTSD

Author Debbie Sprague shares the reality of her husband and family’s experiences with PTSD. The contagion, costs and ultimately triumphs of this condition that affects so many of our veterans and their families – physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and mentally. Her long road takes us through the ups and downs as well as practicalities of …Read More

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EFT for Institutions – What You Need to Know Before You Go

So you want to bring EFT into your school, hospital or workplace – what do you need to know before you go? EFT Master, trainer and coach Ann Adams kicks off the new year for TapFest, bringing her years of expertise and down-to-earth wisdom to help you meet with success when you next knock on …Read More

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Why Success Is Scaring You

Join us on TapFest Thursday night for an eye-opening conversation with transformational coach Ingrid Dinter, and find out why you might just be afraid of success. (And what to do about that.) Do you struggle with personal or business success, feel trapped between a fear of failure and a fear of success? In this special …Read More

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How To Get More Money

Dr. Silvia Hartmann will show us how. Really. Provocative thought-leader and Energist, author, speaker and teacher Dr. Silvia Hartmann will appear today on the TapFest show, with her completely unique and cutting-edge energy paradigm, Positive EFT. Don’t be left behind – get in on the ground-floor of her radically different approach to using energy to…get …Read More

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Return To Rwanda, A Rich Harvest

Since Create Global Healing established Project Light in Rwanda, the seeds sewn there have been steadily growing, taking root, and returning a rich harvest. The project has delivered on its promise of light and hope for all, shining like a beacon across the world into places as tiny as Newtown, CT USA. TapFest rejoins Dr. …Read More

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A Garden of Women Grows In Pakistan

TapFest welcomes back EFT Master Rehana Webster, to update us on her ongoing work with the women of Pakistan. Labelled ‘kari’ for allegedly having extra-marital relationships, the acid-scarred women are dependent upon the kindness of this shelter in Sukkur, Sindh, and alloted less than 1/3rd the cost of a cup of tea per day to …Read More

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Peaceful Heart Network & The Multiplier Effect

TapFest rides again, this time to Africa, where we find Gunilla Hamne of the Peaceful Heart Network, working boots-on-the-ground with traumatized people in wartorn parts of central Africa. Peaceful Heart uses an adapted tapping technique called Trauma Tapping Technique, designed for use in the field with large groups of war-trauma survivors. It can be used with …Read More

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EVERYDAY Happiness? Where Do I Sign Up?

Is it possible to have everyday happiness? Life can be stressful even with our best ‘manifestation’ efforts, so how could we be happy all the time? Is that really possible, and if so, how would that work? Meet Claire Hayes, transformational expert and author of Everyday Happiness: EFT Tapping for Self Transformation That Really Works, …Read More

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Alpha-RePatterning: Working With the Deep Stuff

TapFest is so pleased to welcome Russell Cunningham to the show for an in-depth conversation about Alpha RePatterning, a practical and powerful model of energy therapy that marries exceptionally well with EFT.  Learn how this remarkably effective technique can benefit you or your own practice, straight from its creator. DownUnder’s Cunningham normally teaches this class …Read More

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Why Gary Craig Is Back Among Us

Gary Craig is back among us! TapFest welcomes EFT founder Gary Craig to the show on May 2nd, to talk about his reasons for re-emerging onto the EFT scene. He will share his new visions for the EFT Healing High Rise and will discuss his revised Gold Standard EFT Tutorial and its vital role in …Read More

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