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EFT Tapping for releasing blocks to living an abundantly healthy life

FasterEFT in Your Everyday Life

What is FasterEFT and how does it differ from regular EFT? FasterEFT integrates the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP, spiritual understanding, science, and the mind’s great ability to transform itself. One of the greatest aspects in FasterEFT is that it is fast, direct and to the point, just like its creator Robert Smith! […]

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Practical Miracles: Choices that Heal & Build Resilience

In today’s show, Annabel and her guest, NLP Master, naturopath and author Arielle Essex, will be talking about how to face life’s challenges and not only survive, but thrive: how to stay at choice rather than letting outside events control us, how to bounce back instead of feeling helpless and bewildered, how transforming problems into […]

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Listen to Your Gut – Recovering from Crohn’s using EFT

Listen to Your Gut – Recovering from Crohn’s using EFT In today’s show, Annabel talks to Sarah Vanderheiden. House bound by the debilitating effects of widespread Crohn’s disease, unable to tolerate most foods, and taking prescribed medication, Sarah started using EFT in the fall of 2011. 15 months later, she announced the disease was in […]

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Bullying: Listening to the Child and Speaking to the Parents

In today’s show, Annabel talks to inspirational speaker and anti-bullying coach, Faisal Khattak. They’ll discuss how Faisal went on to use his own experiences of being bullied as a child to actively help families faced with bullying through his work with schoolchildren and parents today. Faisal will share how important it is to build bridges […]

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Why Am I Sick?

In today’s show Annabel interviews Richard Flook, originator of Advanced Clearing Energetics™ (ACE). Richard will explain how and why the body creates a disease and how to clear the energy that created it using the groundbreaking strategies in ACE. ACE works beautifully with EFT and is the culmination of Richard’s 20 years of research into […]

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Achieving Balance and Whole-Body Healing With EFT

In today’s show, Annabel and her guest, Energy Medicine and Trauma Resolution Expert, Teresa Lea, will be talking about the importance of moving away from symptom based therapy, and instead inviting the body-mind to recognize the balance and health that already exists, and easily and effectively move towards greater balance and a life that allows […]

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