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Breaking Through The Top Barriers To Success Using EFT

Judy Wolvington EFT Radio

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “What you resist persists”. Resistance is one of the biggest barriers to your success. It’s like swimming upstream against the currant, and It stems from FEAR and DOUBT. Another huge barrier is Self-Sabotage. Do you find yourself sabotaging your own success? We’ll explore some of the most destructive techniques …Read More

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Crazy, Naked and Vulnerable; How “Being Real” Serves Your Business

Craig Weiner & Alina frank

There is a lot of talk in the marketing world about being authentic, but few do it well. Does this mean that you have to reveal your deepest darkest secrets to be authentic? What does it mean for you as a business person to be vulnerable, to stand naked in your truth and be willing …Read More

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Balance Your Throat Chakra to Speak Your Truth and Release the Weight

Karen Donladson weight loss

The fifth chakra – your throat chakra – is your communication center and can be seen as the crossroads between the head and the heart. It serves as the mediator between thought and emotion. Not honoring your authentic self and not speaking your truth with love can lead to imbalances in the throat chakra which …Read More

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The #1 Quality Emotionally Connected People Share

Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

To master any aspect of your life (not only tapping) it is crucial to be connected with your emotions. However so many people (in today’s modern world) aren’t connecting with their emotions as powerfully as they could, and as a result are experiencing problems in their relationships, their finances and their health. In this episode …Read More

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Kiss Burnout GoodBye with Jeanell Innerarity

Marti Murphy Career Coach

Have you ever struggled with Burn Out in your career, or in life? Would you rather feel fired up? Please join me for my interview with Jeannell Innerarity. We going to be discussing this subject that’s near and dear to both our hearts. My tagline is Take the Big Leap from Burned Out to Fired …Read More

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EFT to Commit to Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

“Commitment is an act, not a word.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre Do you long for a committed, meaningful, fulfilling relationship, yet have a hard time finding or keeping the right person? If you are not already in a SoulMate relationship, a part of you is committed to remaining single. If you are willing to settle for …Read More

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The Secret …Behind How to Be Successful

Mary Henderson

Join us on TapFest for a conversation with bestselling author and speaker Mary Henderson, famous for her “The Secret Power of…” series of books. We will be speaking at length with the author of these powerful books, and speak directly and boldly to our physical, mental and emotional health – from bodies to relationships to wealth …Read More

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In at the Deep End: Thrive as an EFT Practitioner!

Annabel Fisher

Once you’ve gained your EFT Certification and you’re receiving supervision from your mentor, there is no stopping you! Or is there? Many Practitioners question their abilities and feel uncomfortable leaving the shallow end of the pool. They miss out on valuable experiences and can’t fully grow as a practitioner. Join Annabel and her guest, Larisse …Read More

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What is Sin with A Course in Miracles Lessons 251 – 260

Eloisa Ramos EFT tapping ACIM

Would anyone in their right mind want to suffer? Could a rational mind choose to be lacking rather than perfect and complete? Would sanity value limitation and uncertainty in perception over certainty and truth in knowledge? Yet this is what our mind is deciding for because this is what we see and experience. ACIM says, …Read More

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Weight Loss Surgery: Is It Really Your Only Option?

Feel like surgery is your only answer? Desperate enough to get rid of the weight that you’re willing to go under the knife? In this episode, Joella will discuss some of the pros and cons of turning to weight loss surgery such as Gastric Bypass and Lap Band to lose weight and will interview a …Read More

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