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Dr. Peta Stapleton

11. Dr Peta Stapleton: Yo-Yo Dieter? Willpower is not Needed

Hello there! Lets say No More Yo-Yo! In this podcast Dr Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor from Bond University in Australia shares her research on the effectiveness of tapping/EFT for Food Cravings and Emotional Eating. We chat in this interview about: Food Cravings, Cutting Edge EFT Research Findings, the ‘Wake-Up Call’, Willpower, The 5 Love Languages […]

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Mary Ayers EFT Tappling

The Power Behind The ‘Miracle Question’ and How It Will Change Your Life

Here’s the good news….you could be one question away from accelerating your personal transformation and manifestation. And here’s the great news….just asking yourself the question starts the ball rolling! Join Dr. Mary Ayers on this show and let the acceleration begin! Dr. Mary Ayers brings with her over 30 years as an accomplished Licensed Therapist, […]

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