Can EFT help with STDs?

On today’s show get guidance from EFT and Matrix Reimprinting coach and trainer Alina Frank who specializes in physical intimacy in her private practice.

20 million new occurences of STDs are reported each year according to the CDC and that’s just in the United States. There are plenty of allopathic routes to treating and containing some of these illnesses and the strides in HIV/AIDs treatments have been remarkable however very little has been said about all the emotional contributing factors to acquiring or living with them.

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Alina_Frank_90xAlina Frank has consistently been rated as one of the top EFT coaches specializing in the area of relationship and intimacy. She is a master life coach, and her EFT/Matrix Reimprinting trainings offer CEUs to many professions. For a full listing of offerings and upcoming events please visit

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