Bring Out Your Inner Marketing Guru

Whether you are interviewing for a job or growing your business, marketing can feel like a daunting task. From the job seeker, to the solopractitioner, network marketing business builder, 6-figure entrepreneur and beyond, fears about selling and marketing can halt progress and cause inner turmoil.
As a Success Coach, Marla Tabaka sees it all of the time: Fear of rejection, fear of what others may think, fear of appearing silly or stupid; the list goes on and on.  

For anyone who experiences this common show-stopper, a fear of marketing can have a powerful grip and too many business owners and job seekers are failing because of it.

We will tap out the fear so you can step into your inner marketing guru! We all have a little marketing guru inside of us – you included! We will address the most common marketing fears, and some you might not even know about! And, Marla will include some marketing ideas for your business as well; ideas that will help you to feel authentic in your marketing approach!

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