Break the Self-Sabotage Cycle with EFT

Every entrepreneur dreams of running a thriving, profitable business.

But as much as some business owners wish and work for abundance and success, something always seems to get in the way.

Are these things always a product of our environment – or could it be self-sabotage?

In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Tapping your host, EFT expert Marla Tabaka, will explore the most common self-sabotaging behaviors attached to the goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
Why does the idea of success feel so uncertain to some?
And why don’t many of the people who engage in self-sabotage even realize that they are doing it?
Do you find yourself running into a brick wall every time you take a step closer to success?
Almost as though you are running around in circles; knowing that you have what it takes to move your life and business to the next level, while also fearing that perhaps you don’t?

Listen in to the Million Dollar Mindset Tapping to uncover your self-sabotaging roots and create a fertile ground for success!

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Host: Marla Tabaka believes that with the right mindset anything is possible! As a highly sought after Life & Business Coach, Marla works with entrepreneurs to grow their companies AND rediscover themselves in the process. Marla’s clients learn how to achieve life/work balance and to believe in themselves and their dreams. Many have reached a million dollars in annual revenues – and beyond! To schedule a private session, contact Marla Tabaka at [email protected] or call (630)544-6445
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