Boost Your Mental Rehearsal with Tapping

Are you aware of the value that mental rehearsal can have on your performance? Are you an injured athlete who is worried that you’re losing your performance edge because of lack of practice due to your injury? Are you limited in practicing for your sport because of school or other commitments?

Mental rehearsal is a valuable tool that can give you a dramatic performance advantage. We’ll talk about what mental rehearsal is and how to combine that with tapping to take your performance to a whole new level.

We’ll discuss how to use mental rehearsal when you’re injured so you never miss any practice time during your recovery. You’ll find out how to easily incorporate tapping while mentally rehearsing into your daily routine.

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Stacey Vornbrock, M.S. is pioneering the use of EFT with professional and amateur athletes to release mental, emotional, physical, and mechanical blocks on the cellular level. She is recognized as the leading expert and an innovator in the use of EFT with sports performance. Find out more about EFT Sports Performance Coach, Stacey Vornbrock.

Professional and amateur athletes who are interested in private sessions with Stacey may call her at 480-945-9750.

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