Bonus Audio: Book Review of “It’s a Guy Thing” by David Deida

Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D. the Elite SoulMate Coach, reviews David Deida’s book, It’s a Guy Thing: An Owner’s Manual for Women.

I wanted to like this book. I wanted to be enlightened. After all, it was written to help women understand men from a man’s perspective. Finally, something that might help women stop wondering, “What is he REALLY thinking?”

Here are some quotes directly from the book that led to the conclusions in this episode:

“Men are single minded – focus on one thing at a time.”

“Men don’t exist so much in a world of flow and feeling. To a large extent, they exist in a world of problems, functions and challenge.”

“At their core, most men feel constrained by life. It’s a struggle for men to simply enjoy life. Most everything feels like a constraint or an obligation to them.”

Spoiler Alert: I didn’t like the book, but tune in to find out exactly why he makes the ideal woman sound like Caitlyn Jenner.

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Annette VaillancourtHOST: Elite SoulMate Coach Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D., is the author of How to Manifest Your SoulMate with EFT: Relationship as a Spiritual Path. After 24+ years as a couple’s counselor in private practice, Annette turned her attention from trying to resurrect broken marriages to helping savvy, seasoned, successful singles manifest their SoulMates with EFT. For the first time she shares her therapist’s secret “cheat sheet” for uncovering the ways you unconsciously attract people who are bad for and bad to you. Go to to grab your complimentary copy of “The RIGHT Reasons You Attract the WRONG People: How Your Subconscious Mind is Running/Ruining Your Love Life.”

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