Believe in Your Dream with EFT

The anticipation of the approach of 2012 is over. Yes, here we are. We have rung in the mysterious 2012 without incident. And now a huge opportunity for growth and expansion lies ahead during this time that some refer to as the Golden Age.

So what’s your plan? Do you even have a plan? What’s stopping you?
In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Tapping your host, EFT Expert and Business Coach Marla Tabaka, will help you to step into the power of believing in yourself so that you can create and implement a plan for success.
Do you beat yourself up for “failing”? Have others told you to give up on your dream? Do you let yourself down time and time again? It’s time to get to the bottom of it all and tap your way into your success!
Today’s show is open to callers. Join me to let the world know what YOUR dream is. Let’s tap into it together!


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