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Beating Cancer with Grace

Beating Cancer with Grace, and Tapping

In this episode, host Helen McConnell welcomes guest Elena Maltais, cancer survivor and stress relief coach. Listen to Elena’s story about beating cancer with grace, and how that has shaped her life. Elena lives near Edmonton, Canada, and uses tapping with her clients. Her website is feelingsmattermost.com

“What’s Bugging You?” host Helen McConnell is a Personal Performance Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner in Portland, Oregon, specializing in helping you unleash the greatest version of yourself! She has helped thousands of people learn to use tapping to relieve stress, eliminate pain, overcome trauma, improve relationships, let go of limiting beliefs, and so much more!

Helen works with individuals, groups, businesses, and communities, to create better relationships and increase performance and creativity – in person, or by video conference

To learn more, visit PurposeProsperityHappiness.com, where you can schedule your complimentary 20-minute Transformation Conversation with Helen by clicking “Schedule an Appointment.” No pressure, no sales – just connection and information

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Helen McConnell EFT TappingHelen McConnell is a Certified EFT Practitioner and has been a professional success coach for over 15 years – in the corporate world, in non-profits, and in her private practice. She specializes in helping people release and dissolve the hurts, traumas and limiting beliefs that hold them back from being the best and most authentic version of themselves. How would you like to live by design – where you consciously create your life? Schedule a free 20-minute “Transformation Conversation”  with Helen at [email protected] or call 503-880-0111

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