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Molecules of Humor with Candace Pert PhD and Craig Weiner DC

Join Transformational Dialogue radio host Craig Weiner, DC as he interviews Dr. Candace Pert in this fascinating exploration of her groundbreaking work in straddling the fields of science and emotions. She is internationally recognized pharmacologist who has published over 250 scientific articles, is the author of the book Molecules of Emotion: The Scientific Basis Behind […]

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Ozone: The Revolution In Dentistry

Did you know that compared to the non-invasive treatment that is now possible, most of today’s dentistry is barbarically invasive and has changed little since the 1800’s? Dr. Julian Holmes will share how the use of ozone in dentistry has completely revolutionized the need for “drill, fill and bill” dentistry. He will explain the benefits […]

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The Prosperity Tree with Lindsay Kenny

This potentially life-changing show is about setting up circumstances that support you attracting how you want to live your life. So with that, we’ll be learning how to construct your own “Prosperity Tree™. It’s OK if you don’t know what that is, because I’m going to teach you what it is, show you how to […]

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Clear Your Fear Of the Dentist

Many people have had bad experiences at the dentist. Whether it is fear of the shots or the drill, or fear of repetitive problems after treatment, we often put off dental appointments until it is too late to save a tooth. Today there are a number of techniques, which make it unnecessary to do deep […]

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The Big O with EFT – Sexpert Alina Frank

For over 70 years the controversy that Freud started about “immature” O’s versus “mature” O’s continues. What’s a girl to do? Is there really a G Spot, F Spot and an OMG Spot? Were they there before they were named? Where exactly are they and how are they different? What are characteristics of each type […]

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Peaceful Heart Network & The Multiplier Effect

TapFest rides again, this time to Africa, where we find Gunilla Hamne of the Peaceful Heart Network, working boots-on-the-ground with traumatized people in wartorn parts of central Africa. Peaceful Heart uses an adapted tapping technique called Trauma Tapping Technique, designed for use in the field with large groups of war-trauma survivors. It can be used with […]

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