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Shame of 45 Years Clears in Minutes with Matrix Reimprinting


Unresolved trauma can stop you from manifesting your SoulMate. With an experienced coach, who specializes in clearing trauma, you can free yourself of shame, fear and anxiety so that you are free to love fully – body, mind, and spirit! Join the Elite SoulMate Coach, Dr. Annette Vaillancourt and her guest, for a live demonstration …Read More

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What is a Miracle? With A Course in Miracles Lessons 341 to 350

Eloisa Ramos EFT tapping ACIM

What makes a miracle a miracle? Where do they come from? When they occur, why are we surprised? A Course in Miracles says that miracles are normal and everyday, and we can offer them to each other. Yet when we experience or witness them, they appear rare, the exception and beyond us. They are startling …Read More

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The Alchemy of Awareness: Accomplishing Personal Mastery

Paula Horan

After successfully climbing Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary stated: “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” The key to joy, success, harmony and fulfillment lies in embracing the inner journey,which accompanies us to our outer destination; without this attention to our inner experience, we encounter undercurrents of unhappiness and a sense of incompleteness in our …Read More

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5 Tips for Healthier Companion Animals in the New Year

Susanne Peach Animal Communication

At the beginning of every year, people tend to focus on their own resolutions. How about focusing on changes in this new year for your companimals (companion animals) that can help them become healthier and more balanced? Join Susanne Peach, Animal Energy Behaviorist and founder of Animaleze®, as she offers five tips on helping any …Read More

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How To Say “YES” More Often

Mary Ayers EFT Tappling

If you’re scared…If you’re procrastinating…If you’re stuck…this is the show for you! Learning how to say “YES” more often, in little ways, is the grease that will get you moving and let the Universe know that you’re ready to receive. Come and tap along with Dr Mary Ayers as she shows you how even a …Read More

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Discover Your Life Purpose and Soul Contract with Matrix Life Purpose

Sharon King

Special Guest, Sharon King of the UK, is a renowned Matrix Reimprinting trainer. She created Matrix Birth Reimprinting and now Matrix Life Purpose, and both are extremely powerful processes that can change your life. Have you ever wondered why you are here? Have you had a vague idea, or sense of a higher purpose, but …Read More

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Simple Energy Exercises to Strengthen Your Meridians for Weight Loss

Robin Friedman

Join me and special guest Robin Friedman as we explore EFT tapping and other simple energy exercise to balance and strengthen your energy systems to supercharge your weight loss! Robin is a certified EFT Weight Loss Practitioner who is also certified in Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching and has completed the Foundations Course in Eden Energy …Read More

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The Art of Allowing

Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.’ – Caroline Myss. Are you someone who is always getting in your own way? Perhaps you try and control, resist or force experiences and situations in your life, …Read More

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Transitioning Into the Work You Love with Abundance Architect Chris Lies

Marti Murphy Career Coach

Chris has been professionally trained by EFT Master Carol Look and is a Certified Abundance Coach. In addition to coaching she is licensed through Hay House as a, Louise Hay, Heal Your Life Teacher, Speaker and Workshop Leader. Chris has been a full time residential realtor for the past 10 years. She has experienced a …Read More

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You Are The Pied Piper For Your Inner Child and Soul

Cathryn Taylor EFT Inner Child

Welcome to the 3rd broadcast of this month’s 2015 Conscious Living Series. TODAY we are going to use the interactive tapping™ sequences to build on the first two broadcasts which aired on January 7th, (The Overview) and January 19th, (Interactive Tapping™ sequences to Clear your Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.) TODAY we tap away that …Read More

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