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EFT Business Fear #7: If I Advertise, they’ll know I’m here

Annabel Fisher EFT Trainer

Consider the attention you’ll attract when you advertise your services. It means that potential clients will contact you; your client base will increase, and you’ll end up working ‘too hard’. This scenario is a common fear for many EFT Practitioners as they build their businesses. Join Annabel and AAMET EFT Practitioner, Elham Kashefi, tap along, …Read More

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Truth or Fiction: The Truth Seeker with A Course in Miracles Lessons 103-116

Can the truth be sad, ugly, cruel or hurt us? For some of us, truth is what we least want to hear. It is the bearer of “bad” news. We fear it because it tells us that reality is not as we wish it to be. We want reality to conform to our desires, expectations …Read More

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Paralyzed By Fear Of Making A Mistake

Mary Ayers on EFT Radio

Is there a decision you need to make and find yourself unable to make it? Do you have ‘things that need done’ that take forever to do because you take so much time making sure you get it ‘right’? Bottom line…the fear of making a mistake might be paralyzing you! Join Dr Mary Ayers as …Read More

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The Food Revolution Summit 2014

Do you want the truth about food from the most trusted leaders in the food revolution? Get insights about food policy you won’t hear on cable news! Dare to know the TRUTH about what you’re eating and how it affects your weight, energy, sleep, vitality, and the planet. Join the world’s most respected visionaries, authors and …Read More

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From Ballet To Broadway To Belief Busting – Interview with Gail Mae Ferguson

Personal Finances - Mark Bristow

So how did Gail Mae Ferguson go from the Australian Ballet Company to Belief Busting via Broadway? Join Mark for another Financial Healer show with another inspirational EFT practitioner. Gail Mae was a former ballerina dancing principal roles with The Australian Ballet Company, later appearing on Broadway in A Chorus Line and ‘Dancin’. A mom …Read More

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The Fear of Being Seen; Why So Many EFT Coaches Let This Block Their Success

eft practitioner business mentoring

As EFT Business Coaches for the EFT Mastering Business Acumen (EFT MBA) program, we far too often hear the phrase from our EFT coaches/clients, “I Have this Fear that I’ll Be Seen.” Now at first, even we weren’t sure what exactly that meant and how many variations on the theme there were…..What we discovered was …Read More

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Matrix Reimprinting for Clearing Your Blocks to Business Success

Judy Wolvington Unleash Your Dream Biz

Are you finding that you’re just not getting the results you want in your business? Have you been sabotaging your own success and you’re not sure why? Do you have negative thoughts, beliefs, or ideas that keep you from creating the income you desire? If so, you’re in the right place. By the end of …Read More

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Tapping Into Your Soul

Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

Have you tried Austin’s new Prefrontal Cortex Tapping Technique yet? Are you starting to feel some of the benefits like better decision making, less stress, more peace? Perhaps there are still a few aspects of the process you’d like more clarity on so you can deepen your practice? In this program Austin answers some of …Read More

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The EFT Gathering in Ontario: Build Community; Develop Your Skills

Annabel Fisher EFT Trainer

In today’s special show, Annabel will be joined by Susan Bushell, the host of the Ontario EFT Gathering, Tania Prince, the creator of Inner Re-Patterning, and other speakers, as they discuss the topics they’ll be presenting at this year’s event, and how these advanced techniques can benefit you. Susan will also share what the EFT …Read More

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Will I Ever Get Over This? Why Can’t I Just Let Go?

Cathryn Taylor EFT Inner Child

Do you ever feel that way? You collapse into that dark hole, and once there, it feels as though that is all there is – anxiety, despair, and alienation become the summation of all that you are? Want to discover the value of such a collapse and the techniques you can use to resolve them! …Read More

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