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International Speaker, Cynthia James, Shares Secrets for Extraordinary Living

Cynthia James

I’m so excited to have as my special guest, Cynthia James, a Speaker, Teacher, Performer and Author. Cynthia James is a transformational specialist who helps people worldwide to create lasting healing and vibrant living.Her award-winning books include What Will Set You Free and Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence. She also leads Inward Journey pilgrimage retreats at …Read More

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The Fear of Being Seen 2.0; The EFT Coach’s Dilemma

Craig Weiner & Alina frank

One of our most well listened to podcasts ever was an episode exploring the Fear of Being Seen. As EFT Business and Marketing Coaches, we get a behind the scenes peak at what restricts tapping professionals from thriving and on of the most powerful and predominant themes we see is “The Fear of Being Seen.” …Read More

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Tapping on Low-Self Esteem for Weight Loss

Karen Donladson weight loss

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, weight loss can be a real challenge. Feelings of “not good enough” and years of judgment and criticism can leave you feeling inadequate and powerless to make the changes you desire to lose weight. Our early childhood experiences play such an important role in developing our sense of worthiness. …Read More

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Rediscover your Subconscious in Nature

Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

Have you ever wanted to connect more fully with nature but perhaps like so many people you are finding it harder and harder to do? It is quite understandable to feel this way because the subtle energy that the natural world has to offer can sometimes feel dull in comparison to the artificial sensory overload …Read More

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Tap Into Money with Guest Natalie Hill

Natalie Hill

Join Host Marti Murphy for an interview with Natalie Hill. Natalie Hill is a spiritual entrepreneur and money, marketing and mojo mentor. She specializes in helping spiritual women with big dreams create a prosperous business that changes lives. A few short years ago, Natalie gave up her income, her home and all her possessions. Why …Read More

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What Does your Soul Want You to Learn from Your Relationship to Money?

Cathryn Taylor EFT Inner Child

Money is energy – equal to sex, money is the most fought about subject in any marriage. The success or failure of our financial well-being is a primary gauge for our self-worth, as well as our self-image. And yet, money is just an expression of universal energy. Your success or failure has to do with …Read More

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Free Trauma Training Webinar for Practitioners

Trauma webinar for practitioners

If you do any form of tapping, then you face this opportunity and risk every day; the possibility that the next person you tap with will walk in with unresolved emotional trauma. The question is do you have enough training to know what to do when trauma arises? There is a growing world of critical …Read More

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Energy Focused People Like Us Meet in New York

Jondi Whitis - TapFest

Bringing like-minded people together is more than just “community,” it can be life changing. Each year, an amazing amount of people with wisdom and experience take time from their own practices to come and build a community of healing energy work – The Spring Energy Event. They freely offer this as their pay-it-forward gift to …Read More

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EFT Business Fear #19: What if no one wants to work with me?

Annabel Fisher

During your EFT certification training, you’ll have been tapping with ‘buddies’ regularly, building your confidence and skill set. But what happens when you’re out of that familiar comfort zone? How will you attract paying clients and is there a guarantee they’ll want to work with you? Join Annabel and Tammy Hahn and tap along to …Read More

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Getting Good At Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Part 2

Mary Ayers EFT Tappling

We’ve looked at how to find the buried treasure found in your comfort zone, and now it’s time to ramp it up! You’ve probably heard the saying “Everything you want is outside your comfort zone” – well on this show you’ll find out what you need to do to get them. Dr Mary Ayers will …Read More

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