Author Sasha Allenby on Creating and Manifesting

Sasha Allenby – the author of Joyful Recovery From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, co-author of Matrix Reimprinting and author of the new book The Awakening Movement talks with Matrix Reimprinting  Radio Host Karin Davidson.

What is she up to next and what else has she done with Matrix Reimprinting?

She’ll be talking about how tools such as EFT and tapping have empowered us to transform the emotions but they have led people to fear what have been termed their negative emotions and to think they have failed if they still experience challenging emotions.

She’ll explain what happens beyond tapping to calm the flame, and that the real challenge with our emotions isn’t what we feel but what we resist, and the subtle difference. She’ll describe how this fits in with things like the emotional scale and Heartmath research.

She calls this the three stages of Energy Psychology which starts with using tools such as EFT to calm the flame, then goes on to creating and manifesting, then to conscious expansion.

Learn how on today’s show.

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HOST: Karin Davidson is an international speaker and trainer for EFT, Meridian Tapping Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting and Advanced Energy Healing techniques – for self help & for improving your skills in helping others. To contact Karin, email [email protected]

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