Are You an Imposter?

Do you ever feel like you’re “faking your way” in life or business? That if people found out how “little you really know” you would be humiliated beyond belief and a disappointment to all who believe in you? Do you attribute your successes to “luck” or discount the significance of what you do and who you are? Do you find yourself saying things like, “anyone could have done that,” or “it’s not such a big deal?” Yes? Well, you may be experiencing symptoms of The Imposter Syndrome.

The Imposter Syndrome is one of the best-kept secrets in the world because (understandably) no one ever wants to reveal these feelings. It is most commonly associated with high achieving, successful people. And it keeps people from enjoying life and success.

EFT Tapping is highly successful for those suffering from The Imposter Syndrome because the attitudes, beliefs, direct or indirect messages that we received from our parents or from other significant people in our lives have contributed to the development of the imposter feelings. And we can tap those messages away!

See if you fit The Imposter Syndrome profile and learn how to use EFT to accept yourself – success and all!

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