Are You Advocating for Your Work?

Whatever your work, you need to express it well. How do you become a passionate advocate for your work?

Success Coach and EFT Expert Pamela Bruner shared with us on how to stop being a best-kept secret and really shine on our Heart of Success Blogtalk Radio Show.

Here are some highlights from the show:

* To help people, you need personal training and business/marketing training. Most heart-centered people avoid the marketing part.

* We resisted marketing too. Common reasons people avoid marketing include…

  • Fears of rejection, exposure and being pushy
  • Not wanting to be too commercial, which dominates so much of the culture

* Fortunately, we have tools like EFT to easily expand our comfort zone, so success will flow more easily.

* You are meant to help certain people, with your unique gifts and skills.

* By finding a place of wholeness, you’ll go through any resistance you encounter, knowing things will work out well.

* The “Graduate School of Personal Growth” is to be successful AND heart-centered.  Get your message out and live your purpose.  Become the author of your own life.

To hear the blogtalk radio show on Becoming a Passionate Advocate of Your Work go to

To the Heart and Soul of Your Success,

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

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