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Animaleze with Susanne Peach

Healthier, Happier, More Balanced Animals & Their People

Join world renown Animal Energy Behaviorist Susanne Peach on her Animaleze radio program to get answers to your puzzling animal situation, to receive help with your ailing/troubled animal, to understand your beloved animal’s communication to you, and to clear the blocks that are preventing a balanced life.

Animaleze is an innovative technique that complements other methods, and can help you understand your beloved animal better, creating a tighter bond.

Everything is energy and energy is everything. When you understand this, you’ll be able to communicate with the energy of animals, bringing about responses and results that might surprise you! For example, during a phone session with a woman and her horse, the horse let Susanne know he was done by walking over and taking the phone out of his human’s hand. (He’d never done that before.) Or the time a cat would nod at his human whenever Susanne would say a phrase that was new knowledge to the human, confirming they were on the right path.

Sounds extraordinary? It’s natural, with Animaleze!

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Susanne Peach has been around animals her entire life, including time spent on her godmother’s farm in Germany, a volunteer as a certified wildlife rehabilitator in upstate New York and also co-founder of a Therapy Dog program in Colorado. It was her love for animals, as well as a car accident with her companion, Major, a golden retriever, that led her to create Animaleze.

Animaleze uses a modified version of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, as well as some other modalities. Animaleze has successfully been used to help animals overcome emotional, behavioral, mental and physical challenges. One big advantage is that this method can be done remotely on animals, as Susanne has worked with animals in South Africa, Australia, Europe, Canada and of course the U.S. This can be used on all animals, individually or in groups, and some of Susanne’s clients have included dogs, cats, horses, birds, llamas, wolves, a chipmunk and even a Bengal tiger.

In addition to working with animals, Susanne still enjoys working with humans, teaching EFT for 10 years after having taken several workshops from EFT’s founder, Gary Craig. This is part of the successful equation in working with animals, as so often the person’s energies are feeding into the animal’s energy. So by working with the human first, we are creating a faster path of healing for their animal.

It’s Susanne’s life’s mission to teach people around the world how to use Animaleze, changing, and improving the lives of all creatures great and small.

Animaleze with Susanne Peach

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Here’s What Other’s Are Saying About Susanne’s Work

Today’s session was such a gift, and such a joy. You hit the nail on the head with such accuracy, several times while you were tapping as Jazz. I am so in awe of this Animaleze technique.
It’s been an amazing journey watching our dog Jazz and seeing how he responds to the tapping. After the first session his whole space was different; calmer and less frantic and he seemed to be in less pain with the arthritis as he went swimming in the pond quite happily the next day, whereas usually he can’t get himself out of the water. Then today just before the session Jazz just went into the kitchen and kind of pointedly assumed the same position as last time, it’s not a place he normally sits, and he looked up at me expectantly and looked at the phone as if waiting for you to call. Oh Yeah baby! He KNOWS!
I will keep you posted as to his progress, but I certainly think that this method of tapping into the animals space (pun intended) and tapping out their issues is pure genius and everyone should learn it. As you said, it’s a step beyond just communicating with our animals; it takes it to the next level of being able to actually do something about the information they impart.
Rock On!!!
warmest hugs
Devra and Asia Martin
(Devra is a National Radio Host and acclaimed Musician and Producer)

Susanne, thanks SO much for helping my feline family members. Our lives have been changed through this work and I’ll be forever grateful.

CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

Thanks so much for working with my mare, Noelle. As a granddaughter of Secretariat, she’s had high expectations placed upon her for her entire life. The food aggression issues she had have been going on since I adopted her, a year ago. I was shocked to see that as she went into one of her aggressive states you started tapping on her, and within seconds she calmed down. She’s NEVER done that. And then a few weeks later when she had a severe case of colic, we thought it was the end. I called you frantically, asking for help. This time you worked long distance as you couldn’t be here. The morning after you worked on her, she was up and about, acting and feeling totally normal. This work is powerful and I’m very grateful.

~B. Colorado

My cat Jesse had been unwell for quite some time and was vomiting most of his food. It seemed to occur more frequently and would last for weeks at a time. I was at the end of my rope when I heard you on the Internet.
Since that private session we had with you, Jesse didn’t throw up for a full 2 weeks and that was a miracle.
In hindsight I believe he brought me to you. I myself had been unwell for a long time and it became very hard for me to trust. I had tried so many healing techniques and every new product and had really given up on healing from outside or any sources.
Ever since that session my life has been unfolding in new miraculous ways and so much is being revealed to me. It’s almost like a movie that keeps going on and on with new insights, day and night, they keep coming. It feels like a magical journey back to wellness, hope and daring to dream again.
So, thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I may write a book calling it “How Jesse, my cat, healed me”. Tapping through Jesse has been so life changing for both of us – what a gift!

Eileen Brooks

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