Animaleze – Breaking the “Chain of Worry”

Chain of Worry – How our emotions and issues feed into our animals

If you’ve spent any time around animals you’ll have noticed that many of them are sensitive to our moods, emotions, traumas, and experiences. Some animals will even take on our emotions, sometimes manifesting in physical disease on their part.

Don’t think this is true? Listen in as Susanne Peach gives real life examples of animals that have mirrored their humans in emotional and physical challenges.

We’ll discuss the influence of our own emotions and issues as they contribute to the well-being and dis-ease states of our beloved companions. When Susanne works with animals, she will check in with the human first to determine what concerns, worries, fears, anxieties, etc., they are experiencing and will tap with the human before beginning with the animal. This has been a HUGE piece of the success that Susanne has experienced in helping animals, as letting go of the outcome is invaluable.

We’ll then use EFT, a simple and extremely useful technique, to help break this Chain of Worry. It does NOT mean you’ll break the bond you have with your companion. Instead, you will be in a more neutral place, allowing for a healthier, more balanced relationship.

This will be an interactive show. Before the show, please write down what concerns, fears and worries you have about your animals and assign an intensity number to each. (On a scale of 0-10, 10 being the most intense, how strong is your worry, concern or fear?) If you are not familiar with EFT and the tapping protocols, Susanne will walk you through it as we all tap together, but please access the tapping chart at:

Join this show for an eye opening, fun-filled educational hour that will benefit you and your beloved animal companions.

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EFT tapping for animalsSusanne Peach is a world renown Animal Energy Behaviorist who can help you with your puzzling animal situation, ailing or troubled animal, and help your animal live a balanced life. Animaleze is an innovative technique that complements other methods, and can help you understand your beloved animal better, creating a tighter bond. This uses a modified version of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, as well as some other modalities. Animaleze has successfully been used to help animals overcome emotional, behavioral, mental and physical challenges.It’s Susanne’s life’s mission to teach people around the world how to use Animaleze, changing, and improving the lives of all creatures great and small. You can reach her at 303-926-5414 or [email protected] –

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