Achieving Balance and Whole-Body Healing With EFT

In today’s show, Annabel and her guest, Energy Medicine and Trauma Resolution Expert, Teresa Lea, will be talking about the importance of moving away from symptom based therapy, and instead inviting the body-mind to recognize the balance and health that already exists, and easily and effectively move towards greater balance and a life that allows you to have the vital health and relationships that you desire.

We’ll discuss one of the latest developments in energy medicine that is both body-centered and consciousness based. When it comes to healing one of the things that we as humans often forget is that healing is natural – our bodies are designed to heal themselves. When we are really moving towards health, healing can happen spontaneously and rebuild upon the foundation of what is already healthy.

Teresa Lea has helped thousands of people get their lives back by showing them how to heal, reclaim their personal power and live authentically. She is trained in multiple disciplines of energy medicine, somatic therapies and consciousness based healing and wellness. Teresa is also a powerful speaker, author and healing expert who travels the world sharing her gifts with groups, individuals, entrepreneurs and via distance healing. Learn more here.

Annabel Fisher specialises in working with highly sensitive people who want to move out of simply functioning in life, and transition into feeling safe enough to be authentic in life – living to their fullest, healthiest potential.

Besides working privately with clients, she is also an accredited EFT and Matrix Reimprinting trainer. To learn more about EFT sessions with Annabel or about taking your EFT knowledge and experience to the next level via her EFT and Matrix Reimprinting workshops, visit

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HOST: Annabel Fisher used EFT to go from being exhausted, in pain, and wheelchair-bound with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), to being vibrant, pain-free, and healthy enough to travel and motor bike regularly with her husband. She has used her EFT and NLP training to help hundreds of people struggling with chronic illnesses.  To schedule a private session, contact Annabel Fisher, Certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Trainer, at [email protected] or call 888 206

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