3 Keys to Attracting Your Soulmate (for women only)

Do you want to find your true soulmate – a best friend, a loving partner…someone to share your journey of spiritual growth and self-development?

Join us for a free teleseminar with national bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT & Master Transformative Educator Claire Zammit, Phd(c)

Calling in ‘The One’ – How to release your hidden barriers to love and become magnetic to your soulmate

Listen live by phone or online, or download the recording any time.
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You can find true love. We’re so certain, we guarantee it.

We’ve seen it happen for thousands of our students over the last seven years. And we know we can make it happen for you, too.

Join us for our free, live, 75-minute teleclass/webinar where we’ll teach you the secret behind our time-tested, proven approach.

As simple as it sounds, the insight that will transform your love life forever is this: The real obstacles to attracting love are not outside us, but within us.

Even though we wish for love, most of us are anchored in limiting beliefs about the possibility of truly having a great relationship. As a result, we show up in our lives in ways that push love away—without even realizing it.

When you’re able to identify and release these inner obstacles to love, you’ll become magnetic to the love of your life.

It’s that simple.

We’ll show you how with our proven, practical, spiritual approach to finding love based on the national bestseller Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life.

Don’t spend another year just wishing for love.

This is an opportunity to learn a powerful, proven process to help you “call in” your true spiritual soulmate and create a committed, loving partnership.

Join us and learn how to access the power to manifest it. In our 75 minute teleclass you’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistake you’re making in your approach to finding love and how to stop making it
  • How to set an intention for love that will really manifest
  • How to activate your feminine magnetism to draw your beloved toward you
  • How to identify and release the core beliefs that have been keeping love out of your life
  • Why affirmations don’t work and the revolutionary new approach that does
  • How to awaken your intuition to co-create with universe
  • How to shift the patterns of the past to ensure you not only meet “the one” but create an extraordinary relationship

Already, thousands of women who’ve gone through the Calling in  “The One” process are experiencing a love they never thought they would have, such as this one:

“After so many disappointments, I had all but given up on the
possibility of ever having love in my life. Luckily, my best friend
turned me on to the Calling In “The One” approach. I followed
every step of the process faithfully and met my soulmate a short
time later. It’s truly a match made I heaven. I couldn’t be happier!”

~ Jeanne Millbrae, Ilinois

Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh and Debbie Ford are just a few of the luminaries who RAVE about the Calling in “The One” approach.

So if you’re a conscious woman committed to attracting and sustaining a powerful, loving and spiritual partnership, join Katherine and Claire next Monday, October 25th for their free teleseminar, Calling in “The One”.

Click on the link below to register now:

Be sure to still register even if you can’t attend live. They’ll send you the recording, so you can listen at your convenience.

Katherine and Claire are transformation experts who know how to help you make the internal shifts you need to start becoming magnetic to “The One” you’ve dreamed of. Please don’t miss out on this turning point in your life!

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