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Dr. Nadia Brown

Leading Like a Lady: How to Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling

Dr. Nadia Brown is an authentic, bold champion for women business leaders. She is the founder of Doyenne Leadership Institute, LLC. Through her workshops, intensives, and retreats, she helps women break through the glass ceilings they encounter in business by helping them build profitable and sustainable businesses. When it comes to sales, women come to […]

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Helen McConnell on EFT Radio

Do You Hate Marketing? Tapping Can Help!

Do you hate marketing yourself or your business or project? In this episode, host Helen McConnell interviews novelist author and editor, Anne Hawley. After a career in public service during which she wrote fiction in her spare time to stay sane, Anne has turned her talents to writing professionally. Her first published novel, titled “Restraint” […]

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Judy Wolvington on EFT Radio

Want To Feel “Good Enough”, “Lovable”, and “Worthy”? It’s Easy With EFT!

How you feel about yourself really does matter. Only when you are feeling good about yourself can you stand in your authentic power, shine your light and live a fulfilled life. The 3 most detrimental (and most common!) core beliefs are “I’m not lovable”, “I’m not good enough”, and “I’m not worthy”. Do any of […]

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