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Sharon Branagh

EFT and Long Term Health Conditions – Interview with Sharon Branagh

In this Episode, Mark Bristow interviews Sharon Branaugh who offers insights into working with amongst others, those with long-term health conditions. Sharon Branagh is a self-employed behaviour specialist with over 23 years’ experience working from practitioner to operations management in services for people with mental health difficulties, learning and physical disabilities. She is currently teaching […]

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Tracy Ane Brooks - Mission: Wolf

Wolves! Horses! with Tracy Ane Brooks

Join Susanne Peach, Animal Energy Behaviorist and founder of Animaleze® as she interviews Tracy Ane Brooks, co-founder and executive of Mission: Wolf, a captive wolf sanctuary in Colorado. Tracy’s biggest contribution to Mission: Wolf is her work with wolves. For nearly thirty years,Tracy has walked wolves into schools, universities, and museums like the Smithsonian Institute, […]

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Cathryn Taylor EFT Inner Child

Step Two, Tap as You “Come to Believe”, Reignite Faith, Experience Hope

Are you … Stressed … Over-stimulated…? Feel like your work is never done, and have forgotten how to relax? You may be suffering from what is now called, “Global, Post-Traumatic Stress!” Join me this month as I present Step Two of my new Four-Stage, Twelve-Step Evolutionary Model of the most successful Spiritual Program on the […]

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Tapping World Summit 2016 – Starting Now!

Over 500,000 people have attended this life-changing free event. Please share this with your friends, family, coworkers….everyone. You will be giving them a gift that will make them feel wonderful – They will thank you for it! If you have ever wanted to really experience the amazing (almost miraculous) benefits of EFT Tapping you’ve heard […]

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Blair Singer

Little Voice Mastery – How to Win the War Between Your Ears with Blair Singer

Join host Marti Murphy for a powerful interview with the dynamic Blair Singer on How to Win the War Between Your Ears and Have an Extraordinary Life. For almost three decades, Blair Singer has empowered people around the world to go beyond their ordinary selves, leverage their true gifts, and reach peak performance, rightfully earning […]

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