Archive | December, 2015

Marti Murphy Career Coach

Practicing Radical Self-Acceptance

Join Host Marti Murphy as she talks about the necessity in learning to be radically self-accepting. Career Coach Marti Murphy knows firsthand the emotional roller coaster that comes with making a profound life change and the identity issues that can surface. As a Certified EFT Practitioner and Certified Abundance Coach Marti is highly skilled at […]

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Sujatha Reddy Ayurveda

Can’t Handle the Stress? Adopt Stress Free Living Techniques Through Ayurveda!

I am so excited to present a very special guest, Sujatha Reddy, MSEd, LPC, BAMS, DCC. As an Ayurvedic Doctor, born and raised in India, Sujatha has become a highly acclaimed Wellness Coach in the US. Trained in EFT, she understands the magic of using both modalities with her clients. “Ayurveda” means the wisdom of […]

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