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Eloisa Ramos EFT tapping ACIM

¿Hay conflicto entre lo que deseas y lo que haces? Un curso de milagros Cap. 2

Un curso en milagros dice qué lo que hacemos viene de lo que pensamos. Nuestro comportamiento no es autónomo. Si experimentamos conflicto es porque nuestra mente esta dividida sobre lo que desea, y esto produce miedo. Página 32 del texto dice. “Solamente tu mente puede producir miedo. Hace eso cada vez que esta en conflicto […]

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Watch The Truth About Cancer Replay

This life-saving series is already an internet sensation with over 4 million views. If you’re ready to discover the truth and how you can not only prevent,  but even treat and beat cancer, then you MUST SEE what some are calling ‘The Event of the Year’. You can watch the entire 9-part series, ‘The Truth […]

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Judy Wolvington on EFT Radio

Creating Empowered Relationships: Powerful Tools For Fulfillment and Harmony

We are BEINGS of LOVE, and as such, we yearn for interaction and connection with other BEINGS. Our deepest human needs are to be SEEN, to have IDENTITY, and to be LOVED. This program applies to family, love, friendship, and work relationships. We are drawn into relationships where the most healing or learning can occur. […]

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Marti Murphy Career Coach

There’s Got to More to Life Than This – How to Find the Good In Your Work Now

Join host Marti Murphy to learn simple, yet highly effective techniques to release the resistance around your current work. You spend so much of you time at work. If you’re not currently loving what you do, is it possible to find the good in it for now? Career Coach Marti Murphy knows firsthand the emotional […]

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