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Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

Peaceful Sleep & Trauma Release

Do you have problems sleeping? Perhaps you have tried all the usual tricks and techniques to help you get a good nights sleep but nothing seems to work long-term? Well in this episode of ‘I Am Healing’ Austin and Jo discuss an aspect of this subject which is very rarely talked about in the mainstream; […]

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Ilene Christensen

Against All Odds ~ Single Mom of 3 Starts Business in Her Garage

Join Marti Murphy for an interview with Ilene Christensen. As a Certified Success Coach with the Carol Look Coaching Program, Ilene focuses on helping people succeed where they have failed in the past. Ilene has over 20 years’ experience in the business world. Before becoming a certified coach, she created a successful business from the […]

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Annabel Fisher

Vulnerability in Healing: A Blessing or a Curse?

What exactly is ‘vulnerability’ in an EFT session? Is it appropriate for an EFT Practitioner to be vulnerable during a session, and what’s that like for the client? How important is it that our clients really know us? During this heartfelt and honest discussion, Annabel and Ingrid will discuss ‘dropping in’ versus ‘Band-Aid’ tapping; what […]

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Sylvia Puentes

Access Consciousness and EFT Tapping: International Speaker Sylvia Puentes

What is Access Consciousness? What does it have in common with EFT Tapping? Can they help us transform our life and the world around us? Join Eloisa Ramos as she interviews Sylvia Puentes, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Author and Life Coach. Sylvia facilitates classes around the world in English and Spanish. She describes Access Consciousness […]

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