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Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

Living Fearlessly

What would change in your life if you chose to live fearlessly? Well in order to begin doing that, we must first understand what fear actually is. In this episode of I Am Healing Austin and Jo discuss that very subject and include insights into how important fear is at a survival level and how […]

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Marti Murphy Career Coach

F.A.I.T.H. Finding Answers In The Heart with Guest Nanette Littlestone

Join host Marti Murphy as she interviews her guest. Nanette Littlestone about her newly released book. F.A.I.T.H ~ Finding Answers In The Heart. Nanette Littlestone is a writing coach, author, editor, publisher, and CEO of Words of Passion. She helps authors overcome writers block, master correct grammar, create strong structure, and write with clarity and […]

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Annabel Fisher

Daily Action; Self Belief, Healthy Boundaries: Creating an EFT Legacy

When you experienced EFT for the first time, you probably had an inner knowing that you ‘must do this’. But what’s really required to create a wildly successful EFT Practice? Some Practitioners easily build 6-figure businesses while others struggle to get going. Is there a secret to all of this? In today’s show, Annabel and […]

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I Know EFT Works, So Why Am I Not Tapping Daily?

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” ~ Mark Twain You’ve experienced how effective and rapid EFT is for removing fears, self-limiting beliefs and releasing trauma, yet you “forget” to tap….even when you know you could. You’ve gotten GREAT results in the past, but you’ve stalled out. Frustrated? This episode […]

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