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Susanne Peach Animal Communication

“Compassionate Detachment” – How This Has Helped Animals (and People)

One of the key components to successfully working with animals is something called “compassionate detachment.” Join Animaleze founder, Susanne Peach, as she explains why everyone should be aware of “compassionate detachment,” whether you are a practitoner or just working on your own animals. She’ll explain what can happen when it’s not in use, as well […]

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2015 Tapping World Summit Bonuses

Last Chance to Get These Free EFT Videos

The 7th annual Tapping World Summit starts February 23rd and now is your last chance to get access to these special bonus videos and register for this online event before it starts. You’ve probably heard about the Tapping World Summit from a dozen places by now. Everyone is talking about it. The Tapping World Summit […]

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Craig Weiner & Alina frank

Our TOP 7 Linked In Tips for a Successful EFT Business

LinkedIn reaches more than 332 million people who are there to create business, find business and collaborations…it is the social media site where people take each other seriously and are not looking to see what selfie a-friend-of-a-friend took from the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are looking to grow your EFT business, you should not […]

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Debbie Sprague PTSD

8 Steps to Taking Your Life Back from PTSD

Author, teacher, life coach, lecturer, recreational therapist (…and more!) Debbie Sprague returns to TapFest to continue our exploration of hope, healing and guidance for the journey back home to self, from PTSD. Whether you suffer from these symptoms yourself, work with those who do, or have a loved one struggling with the condition, this show […]

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