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Craig Weiner & Alina frank

Nichify or Fade Away in the EFT Business

The Illusion: All I have to do to succeed in having an EFT practice is being passionate for the work and being really good at what I do. The Truth: This is a myth. In mentoring and coaching thousands of EFT practitioners, without having a specialty focus or niche, we rarely see a practioner having […]

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Paula Horan

The Ancient Roots Of EFT

Since ancient times, in several of the world’s spiritual traditions, there have been pressure point techniques to clear karmic blocks held in the energy body. Much before the advent of EFT, which clears 90% of all physical and emotional pain, yogis and yoginis sought to clear blocked energies called vasanas or samskaras, the memories of […]

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Educating Our Youngest – Tapping With Children

Patsy Anthony, author of TAPPING WITH CHILDREN, joins TappingStar host Jondi Whitis, in a lively conversation covering a multitude of topics, from anger management to self-regulation, introducing tapping to building rapport. A far-ranging book of tried and true practice essentials, Patsy’s kindness and creativity shine through the pages. It’s chock-full of ‘news you can use,’ […]

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Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

How to Embrace Change

It has been said by many experts that the human condition only changes when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. But why can change be excruciatingly painful for so many people? In this episode of I Am Healing, Austin and Jo talk about the suffering that fighting against […]

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