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Your Optimal Diet Summit: Join 8 top experts

In this day and age, we’re constantly bombarded with mixed messages about what constitutes good nutrition, as well as conflicting information about one-size-fits-all diet plans. The result? You end up frustrated and confused when you try different approaches and don’t see sustainable results. You feel hungry, tired and depleted. Your weight yo-yos. You develop aches, […]

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Paula Horan

Should You Fear Ebola?

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’ This statementis more significant now than it has ever been in human history. Fear, panic & confusion rule our life and we are lead by the media to constantly search for safety as it goads us evermore into a deep […]

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Cathryn Taylor EFT Inner Child

Demonstration: Witness First-Hand Live Session on 7 Layer Healing Process

In this, the 2nd of 2, broadcasts, Cathryn Taylor  demonstrates, her signature, 7-Layer Healing Process. Witness first-hand how Sally repairs an old childhood wound then follows that thread back to its origin in the history of her soul. This, almost two-hour demonstration takes you right into the heart of this process and invites you to […]

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Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

How to Stop and Think

If you are someone who wants to be fulfilled in every area of your life, giving yourself quality time to stop and think is essential, but when you live in a culture that places an enormous amount of value on being busy, it can be easier said than done. In this episode of I Am […]

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Sandy Zeldes

Weight, Health,Worth and Wealth, What is the Connection?

The financial Healer Show is back with a great interview with Sandy Zeldes. Sandy Zeldes was a professional chef by profession, cooking privately for many high profile celebrities and business leaders, taught cooking classes at Whole Foods Markets and had a successful catering business for over 17 years. She became a Certified Nutrition Consultant in […]

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EFT, Love and Letting Go of Fear

“Love is letting go of fear.” ~ Gerald Jampolsky Let’s face it. Fear is paralyzing. It blocks good things, situations and people from coming into our lives. Do you think that if you just wait until the fear passes that you will be able to: ask someone out on a date? risk your heart? make […]

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Watch Margaret Lynch video

4 Ways You Can Make $75K as a Coach – Watch This Video

If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck as a coach, Margaret’s mission is to show YOU and the entire coaching industry how to thrive. This is the coaching advice you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss it! We’re living in the most exciting time in history to be an entrepreneur! Having your own business today means having the chance […]

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