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Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

The #1 Quality Emotionally Connected People Share

To master any aspect of your life (not only tapping) it is crucial to be connected with your emotions. However so many people (in today’s modern world) aren’t connecting with their emotions as powerfully as they could, and as a result are experiencing problems in their relationships, their finances and their health. In this episode […]

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EFT to Commit to Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

“Commitment is an act, not a word.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre Do you long for a committed, meaningful, fulfilling relationship, yet have a hard time finding or keeping the right person? If you are not already in a SoulMate relationship, a part of you is committed to remaining single. If you are willing to settle for […]

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Mary Henderson

The Secret …Behind How to Be Successful

Join us on TapFest for a conversation with bestselling author and speaker Mary Henderson, famous for her “The Secret Power of…” series of books. We will be speaking at length with the author of these powerful books, and speak directly and boldly to our physical, mental and emotional health – from bodies to relationships to wealth […]

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Annabel Fisher

In at the Deep End: Thrive as an EFT Practitioner!

Once you’ve gained your EFT Certification and you’re receiving supervision from your mentor, there is no stopping you! Or is there? Many Practitioners question their abilities and feel uncomfortable leaving the shallow end of the pool. They miss out on valuable experiences and can’t fully grow as a practitioner. Join Annabel and her guest, Larisse […]

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