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Craig Weiner & Alina frank

What’s Interpersonal Neurobiology Got to Do with the Success of Your EFT Business?

What Does Interpersonal Neurobiology Have to Do with the success or failure of your practice? Before you even answer the phone, before you answer that email and before you have your first consult, interpersonal neurobiology is at play with how your potential clients perceive you and whether they will follow up and buy from you. […]

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Karen Donladson weight loss

Balance Your Sacral Chakra to Find Your Bliss and Release the Weight

Your sacral chakra helps you experience pleasure both physical and emotional pleasure. As a valuable teacher,it can guide towards things that bring pleasure and away from things that cause you pain. An open sacral chakra gives you the ability to experience pleasure and helps you to nurture your sense of abundance, happiness, and well-being. You […]

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