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Tapping for Teachers; Tap to Achieve

Imagine transforming that stressful environment you encounter everyday into one where it’s easy to remain peaceful and in control. One that reflects the effective person you really are, and creates a space for both you and those you teach to easily achieve? And even better, what if I told you that you already had the […]

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Cathryn Taylor EFT Inner Child

You Can Cope! You Are Worthy of Love!

In this, the third of three broadcasts, Cathryn continues her Free, on-line class entitled, The 2014 Conscious Living Series. Dedicated to helping you find the peace and happiness you deserve and establishing the sense of calm that gives you strength, Cathryn is, month by month, introducing you to her newly supercharged 7-Layer Healing Process! As […]

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Paula Horan

Cultivate Lasting Forgiveness: Resolve & Embrace All

Constantly driven by the need to safeguard our survival we often find ourselves caught in a conflict with our situation, environment or our loved ones. Every day we deal with this conflict between isolation and acceptance. We endure arguments, fights, differences, separation, helplessness, abuse, exploitation and violence. These painful experiences are often not erased from […]

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