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#1 Reason EFT Coaches Struggle in Business; Overcoming Their Money Blocks

As the directors of the EFT MBA (Mastering Business Acumen) practice success program, we have the honor of working with coaches/practitioners who are putting their time, energy and finances into starting and growing their EFT, Tapping, and Energy Psychology practices/businesses. Despite their passion for for creating transformation and healing, many of them struggled before getting […]

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Dr. Christine Page on EFT Radio

The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman

Are you a woman who knows how it feels to have a partner, a career, a house, a family but perhaps there is still a part of you that feels (consciously or subconsciously) unfulfilled? In this special edition of I Am Healing, Jo talks to Dr Christine Page about what it really means for women […]

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Annabel Fisher EFT Trainer

EFT Business Fear #6: I’m Scared I don’t know enough!

You’ve trained; you’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money practicing your new skills, and becoming certified. Yet you’re worried you still don’t know enough. Are you scared to put yourself out there when there are so many other EFT Practitioners with more experience? Have you ever considered you could “make someone worse” because […]

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Miracle Healing with A Course in Miracles Lessons 75-88

Miracles heal because they correct the thinking and perception that tells us we are separate from others, the world and our Creator. The Course in Miracles teaches that this thinking is the only problem beneath the apparent multitude of different ones. It is the problem of body/ego identification, which places us under the direction of […]

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Judy Wolvington Unleash Your Dream Biz

Narrow Your Niche and Profit

Hi, It’s Judy Wolvington here, with I’m excited to be presenting one of my favorite subjects, which is helping my clients discover their Niche. As a Therapist and an EFT Practitioner, I wanted to work with everyone. I was afraid it would be too limiting to specialize. What I have since realized as a […]

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