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Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

How to Communicate at a Subconscious Level

Are you having problems getting your point across at work, at home, with friends? Do you find it hard to connect with people and build meaningful relationships? Clear communication is at the heart of everything we do yet so often we don’t achieve the results we desire. Very often this is because people have learnt […]

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EFT for Education – Conquering Limiting Beliefs About Self Image & Bullying in Schools

Why is bullying so common? How did we come to this place, where children’s beliefs about themselves and their identity now cause them to consider radical ‘solutions?’ This is Part 3 in our trio about conquering limiting beliefs around learning and the school experience. Learning alchemist John Soriano discusses identity and self-image; how damages to […]

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Have You Tried Paraliminals?

Hundreds of thousands of people have already experienced this remarkable free program. This is self-growth for busy people.  Your host, teacher, and master of the genius mind, Paul R. Scheele, is an acclaimed expert of human performance, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), accelerated learning, and preconscious processing. This means he knows how the human mind works, and […]

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