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Art and Science of Designing a Persuasive EFT Presentation

In our EFT MBA (Mastering Business Acumen) program, our EFT coaches approach the idea of giving a public presentation with some apprehension. While public speaking is a well known source of anxiety, even more critical to presenting EFT publicly is constructing a talk that simultaneously satisfies an audience’s curiosity, soothes their skepticism and inspires them […]

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Opening Up To Love with EFT

Relationships are a great tool for waking up. They are perfect mirrors for gaining more awareness. However, most people search for a relationship outside of themselves without first establishing a relationship with their true beloved: their own heart. Once this relationship is established, all other so-called outer relationships flow very smoothly. Whenever we have problems […]

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Your EFT Business: A Reflection of You

Do you attract clients easily, and implement new ideas quickly? Or are you struggling, feeling uncertain and overwhelmed? If everything is an uphill battle in growing our EFT Practice, we lose sight of our original vision and create false beliefs around who we are and what we can accomplish. Ultimately, our business suffers and never […]

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Competence vs. Confidence; And the Winner Is…

Whose opinion are you more interested in listening to: a professional who is more confident in what they are saying about their skills or one who is has a greater skill level but comes across less confident? You may be surprised at what the research shows. Most importantly is how this choice relates to your […]

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Designing Your Practice and Practicing Your Design

Your EFT practice has been designed by you, consciously or unconsciously. In our experience with hundreds of practitioners, personal healing and a vision to make a difference is what inspires most EFT practitioners to begin their practice. But without certain essential elements, a practice cannot gain momentum. This show will focus on the 3 essential […]

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How To Take Your Power Back II

Today Tap Away Your Fear Of Your Own Free Will As We Go Deeper into The Fear Of Responsibility. Ego is afraid of losing control when in truth it never had any. From the time we are children, we are taught subliminally to control each other with guilt and obligation. We don’t allow ourselves or […]

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