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“I have a Story to Tell and I invite You to Judge Me! – Bonus Edition

In this final month of her dynamic, FREE, 8-month EFT For Your Soul Class which uses her monthly radio shows to identify and neutralize the spectrum of Soul Themes ranging from abandonment to mastery, bestselling author, Cathryn Taylor, offers this bonus broadcast to preview her upcoming series entitled,” I have a story to tell – […]

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Why Success Is Scaring You

Join us on TapFest Thursday night for an eye-opening conversation with transformational coach Ingrid Dinter, and find out why you might just be afraid of success. (And what to do about that.) Do you struggle with personal or business success, feel trapped between a fear of failure and a fear of success? In this special […]

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Take Your Power Back

People who take responsibility for their lives, experience a sense of fulfillment, and do not suffer deeply over loss, because they know, everything they experience is a projection of their own mind. Quantum physics tells us this, as well as the ancient teachings of the Buddha. In life there is an appearance of people becoming […]

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ReAwakening Your EFT Business Passion

Has the passion you once had for your EFT Practice disappeared? In today’s show, Annabel and Sasha Allenby will discuss obstacles that can prevent your EFT passion becoming a thriving EFT business. Once the passion is overshadowed by all that needs to be done, it’s easy to become disheartened and overwhelmed. Sasha will share with […]

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Ozone Secrets: Heal Your Body, Heal The Planet

The use of Ozone is exploding in medicine and dentistry. It is already used for cleaning vegetables, purifying fish farms, for agriculture, purifying city drinking water and swimming pools, to name a few. However, you need to understand a few ozone basics to select the right technology. Whether you are a dentist or doctor, or […]

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From Pocket Money to Prosperity in Your EFT Practice

You’ve trained in EFT, you’ve watched YouTube videos, you’ve participated in telesummits. You love helping others and you are on fire! There are thousands of people on the internet everyday looking for your services, so why aren’t you making any money? What’s holding you back from creating a thriving EFT Practice, making more than enough […]

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How To Get More Money

Dr. Silvia Hartmann will show us how. Really. Provocative thought-leader and Energist, author, speaker and teacher Dr. Silvia Hartmann will appear today on the TapFest show, with her completely unique and cutting-edge energy paradigm, Positive EFT. Don’t be left behind – get in on the ground-floor of her radically different approach to using energy to…get […]

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Playing in the Field of Consciousness with Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics encompasses a new state of being, a new way of experiencing the world we live in, and a new way of accessing new possibilities – a consciousness shift. Today’s Transformational Dialogue guests include the developer of Matrix Energetics, Dr. Richard Bartlett and his inspiring co-instructor and president, Melissa Joy. MATRIX ENERGETICS is a […]

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