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How To Keep Your Teeth Alive – Part 1

Unbeknownst to most people, current (so called) “modern” dentistry has not changed since the 1800’s. It is designed to destroy your teeth as well as your health within two or three decades. To accommodate amalgam, which is highly toxic, dentists are trained to “over drill” the tooth. Even if they use composite, the very use […]

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Applaud Yourself!

How often do you celebrate your small wins and successes? Do you acknowledge the progress you’re making toward your goals on a daily basis? Do you even notice you’re making progress toward your goals? I’ll bet you don’t! I’m willing to bet that you just focus on what hasn’t happened yet or what you still […]

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Meridians Are For More Than Just Needles with Norm Shealy MD

Dr. Norm Shealy has 12 patents in the field of Energy Medicine, has published 28 books and over 300 articles. Dr. Shealy began using acupuncture in 1966 and added electrical stimulation of the needles. Transformational Dialogue host, Dr. Craig Weiner explores with Dr. Norman Shealy, methods and techniques for affecting the energetic and other systems […]

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Ozone: The Revolution In Dentistry

Did you know that compared to the non-invasive treatment that is now possible, most of today’s dentistry is barbarically invasive and has changed little since the 1800’s? Dr. Julian Holmes will share how the use of ozone in dentistry has completely revolutionized the need for “drill, fill and bill” dentistry. He will explain the benefits […]

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Dean Radin, Supernormal; Evidence of Extraordinary Abilities

Was Buddha just a nice guy? Are comic book superpowers merely fantasies? Was Patanjali, the Indian sage, spinning fairy tales about extraordinary abilities called the “siddhis,” associated with advanced meditation practices, when he wrote the Yoga Sutras some 2,000 years ago? These questions now have answers based on the cumulative results of a century of […]

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