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Peaceful Heart Network & The Multiplier Effect

TapFest rides again, this time to Africa, where we find Gunilla Hamne of the Peaceful Heart Network, working boots-on-the-ground with traumatized people in wartorn parts of central Africa. Peaceful Heart uses an adapted tapping technique called Trauma Tapping Technique, designed for use in the field with large groups of war-trauma survivors. It can be used with […]

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Nurturing the Nurturer

Practitioners are some of the most empathic people in the world. Choosing to care for others is an incredibly rewarding path. However, focusing on giving to others and saving yourself to last is a place all of us have found ourselves in at some point, creating fatigue, overwhelm and a host of other problems. For […]

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DAY 10 of Hay House World Summit

Here it is, the final day of the Hay House World Summit. We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed hearing from so many inspirational and innovative authors, speakers and experts. On this last day of the Summit let’s get up and stretch with two conversations about yoga! Spiritual conversations offered today will also let you examine […]

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DAY 9 of Hay House World Summit

It may be the second-to-last day of the first-ever World Summit, but there’s no stopping us now! The conversations available to you today will all offer reassuring guidance. Discoveries in psychology and neurology, among other fields, are the source of exciting information that will reveal how to work with the science of your brain to […]

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DAY 8 of Hay House World Summit 2013

Below you can take a look at the line-up of today’s speakers and topics that can only be heard for the next 24 hours. We are not powerless in the world,and today at the Summit we will embrace that sentiment. Authors and experts speaking today will reveal how to take control of finances, negative thoughts […]

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DAY 7 of Hay House World Summit

Today’s line-up of speakers is stellar! Check out all 11 speakers and topics for Day 7 of the Hay House World Summit. Our bodies and minds are not separate entities, and after listening to today’s conversations, you will understand the body-mind connection better than ever before. Explore the connections between thoughts and health, and find […]

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