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Tapping Away Shame About Things that Aren’t Your Fault

All of us, and I mean everyone, carries around guilt and shame about things they’ve said and done: mistakes, failures, indiscretions, bad choices and more. These (bad) choices we make often disappoint people who care about us and ourselves. Guilt, shame, disappointment and remorse, generated from our choices and behavior, cause self-sabotage, illness and feelings …Read More

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Animaleze: Live Session with “Max,” a Fearful Labrador Retriever

This week we have an opportunity to work with a lovely chocolate labrador named Max and his guardian, Kitty. (No, not a kitty cat, but a human named Kitty. Very cute, right?) Max is a 7 year old lab with some fearful and insecure issues. He feels secure and protective at home, but when he …Read More

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Achieving Balance and Whole-Body Healing With EFT

In today’s show, Annabel and her guest, Energy Medicine and Trauma Resolution Expert, Teresa Lea, will be talking about the importance of moving away from symptom based therapy, and instead inviting the body-mind to recognize the balance and health that already exists, and easily and effectively move towards greater balance and a life that allows …Read More

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A New Revolution; Shift to Creative Mind with Sandra Rodman

Are we in the midst of a “creative mind revolution”? Our special guest thinks we’re shifting gears on converging fronts: 1) Superconsciousness and brain/mind expansion trainings, 2) “out there” super technologies requiring new perception to process responsibly, and 3) reinventing whole new “Right Brain + Healthy” business & community Green-rich Environments. Mind change, she says, …Read More

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Awareness Through EFT

EFT is a tool for self – discovery as well as for clearing emotional and physical pain. As more unconscious patterns are cleared, awareness increases and you begin to have a totally different perspective on your life. The more you use EFT, the quicker you become at catching your hidden patterns. A clarity arises, which …Read More

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The Brain on Internet Smut

The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in internet smut addiction. Younger generations are learning about love making through these images. Unfortunately these images are doing a lot more harm than just providing faulty instructions. Learn what is actually happening the brain and what you can do if you or someone you love is …Read More

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Energy, Science and Healing with David Feinstein, PhD

As a clinical psychologist, the husband and partner of Donna Eden and one of the world’s leading researcher in Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, David Feinstein is one of the most important clinicians and investigators in the exploration of “Energy” as it applies to mind-body healing. In this interview, Change your Mind! Transformational Dialogue Radio …Read More

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Early Life Traumas: Accurate Predictions of Adult Health?

Drawing from his experience of using EFT in his chiropractic practice, Dr Weiner explains how emotional trauma can alter the brain and result in health problems that do not show up for decades later. It is much easier for people to believe that physical symptoms or diseases are a direct result of purely physical causes, …Read More

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EFT Tames Tension Headaches – New Study Published

The research was conducted in Athens, Greece and explored how well EFT would work with tension type headache sufferers. The research points to a 60% plus decrease in headache intensity and frequency. The study also shows significant improvement in other parameters of well-being including improved measures of sleep. Cortisol stress levels did not show significant …Read More

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You Want Me To Do What In Bed?

There are sexual acts that fill you with delight and others that you know wouldn’t turn you on in the slightest. Then there is the category of Closed Symbols. Closed Symbols is a term coined by Carl Jung to explain those monsters who metaphorically hide out in our minds. Our sexual “monsters” are not only …Read More

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