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All My Relations – The Bond Between Us – Lynne McTaggart

Change Your Mind! Transformational Dialogue Radio host Dr. Craig Weiner explores with author/journalist Lynne McTaggart what it means to be related to all things and what research supports the concept of inter-connectedness in The Field. Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and author of six books, including her latest, The Bond, and the other worldwide […]

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Energize With Conscious Eating

Are you present when you eat? Or are you checked out when you put that spoonful of food in your mouth, or your water as it flows down your throat? Today, we barely take time to be present with our food, the “mana” which gives us life. Join Paula and her friend Martin Pytela of […]

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Here’s One Thing That May Be Ruining Your Golf Game!

Are you one of those guys that watches golf tournaments on the weekend? Bad news…your golf game is being affected in ways you’re not even aware of while you’re watching those tournaments! Join Stacey Vornbrock for this episode of Breakthrough Sports Performance and she’ll explain how you are being influenced negatively without knowing it and […]

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Video: Easy Way to Help Yourself and Others

More than anything I want to alleviate suffering – mine and others! That is why I started EFT Radio, and that is what keeps me going. A big question is ‘how do we help people who are suffering?’ When the tragedy in Newtown, CT happened I spent days crying. It was unbearable for me to imagine the […]

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How Earthing Protects You from ‘Dirty Electricity’

Protecting your health and your family’s health is job #1.  For the last couple of years I’ve been using the Earthing Technology and I LOVE IT! Every member of my family uses Earthing every day, and we wouldn’t be without it. If you’re wondering what damage electrical radiation, like cell phones and computer screens, are […]

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The Myths of Childhood OCD – Fact & Fantasy

No matter what your thoughts and beliefs about Childhood OCD, we’ll knock the myths of Hollywood and old wives tales on their ear. Straight from the heart of a dad and tapping expert who’s made this difficult condition his specialty, it’s real-time information and experience you can use. You’ll learn how childhood OCD feels and […]

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