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50 Shades Deconstructed with EFT

EFT sex expert Alina Frank discusses the world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.  The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy is the most popular erotic book series ever created. Alina is often asked to discuss the meaning behind the popularity of this book especially because she works with these themes and lives in the city […]

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When Life Falls Apart

Many lives have been shaken-up by the shifting energies of the times. For some individuals, the feelings of pain, suffering and grief are unfamiliar, uncomfortable and even unbearable. But what if these feelings of vulnerability can actually assist you in empowering yourself? Perhaps it is a time for deep contemplation as you allow your life […]

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Test Anxiety? The EFT Expert Rescue

TapFest roars into the new year with Scientist, Teacher and Mom, Dr. Cara Gubbins, also an expert on teaching test anxiety reduction with EFT. Years on first-hand experience teaching kids of all ages how to overcome test anxiety and succeed, can be yours. Join us for this productive and useful look at a common problem […]

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Video – How Tapping Changes Your Brain

Most people are quite skeptical when they first hear about tapping and the near miraculous results that people are getting, which is perfectly understandable. But the fact of the matter is, this technique works, and there is science and research to back it up. This is the third video leading up to the 2013 Tapping World […]

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Beyond Soul Mates 30-Minute Tapping Clinic

Join Cathryn Taylor, host of EFT For Your Inner Child, for her follow-up, 30-minute, Beyond Soul Mates Tapping Clinic. Today, you can be guided through tapping sequences that will identify and neutralize challenges, and establish and reinforce intentions for your 2013 relationship desires! Listen through your computer with the audio player below.  (if the audio […]

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