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Learn the Trauma Buster from EFT Master Rehana Webster

The perfect TapFest guest joins us this month!  EFT Master Rehana Webster comes aboard to share her innovative Trauma Buster Technique (TBT) with us. Globe-trotting teacher and trainer, she”ll be sharing her latest adventures in Pakistan. Developed specifically from field observations of trauma from natural and man-made disasters, she continues to offer this technique to […]

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Tapping Into Gratitude with Lindsay Kenny

On this Day of Thanksgiving I want to share some gratitude stories and show you a simple way to tap into your appreciation for life; the simple elements, the essential elements, and even the challenges. Please join me, Lindsay Kenny,  for this live show (between trips back to the turkey for seconds) and take another […]

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Fear of Loss – How Nature Heals

When life becomes difficult we often turn to friends and family, but do you ever consider turning to nature? Join your host, EFT expert Marla Tabaka, as she welcomes metaphysician and healer, Geraldine Teggelove to Million Dollar Tapping. Whether you have experienced financial loss, loss of health or loss of self, Geraldine can help you find the […]

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A Stress RX for Special Needs Children – Calm Within Chaos

Tired? Overwhelmed? Stressed-out & exhausted from Special Needs care? There are more and more children finding Special Needs help and programs, but what about the families, parents, and teachers of those Special Needs Children? Is there an “IEP” for them, too? TappingStar welcomes Doreen Fulton and Ann White to share their unique, blended mission of compassionate calm and restoration to this burgeoning […]

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