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Want to Be a Successful EFT Practitioner?

Have you recently trained as an EFT Practitioner? Are you wanting to transition from tapping with friends and family, to paying clients? Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of marketing yourself now, or uncomfortable asking for a fee you deserve to be paid. I have great news for you! It’s with all this in […]

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Exploring the Non-Local & the Power of Therapeutic Intention

Radio host of the Change Your Mind! Transformational Dialogues program, Craig Weiner, DC has the privilege of interviewing Stephan A. Schwartz, one of the acknowledged founders of Remote Viewing, a “modern mental yoga” and a scientific approach to experiencing the nonlocal. For 40 years he has been studying the nature of consciousness. He is part […]

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Understanding Your Child’s True Nature

Happiness and comfort are different things to different people, and children are no exception. Feeling helpless and clueless about how to help a child is common, but it doesn’t have to be! This month on TappingStar: Master Energy Therapist and author Carol Tuttle focuses her unique Energy Profiling System to children in her stunning new book The Child Whisperer. […]

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The Child Whisperer – New Book by Carol Tuttle

It’s really quite simple! Did you know that there are four basic Energy Profiles that people (young and old) express their true nature through? Find out what YOUR child’s specific Energy Type is that leads to their happiness. Now best selling author and Master Energy Therapist Carol Tuttle has applied her unique Energy Profiling system […]

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Reclaiming Our True Self; Releasing What We are Not

Who do you believe you are? Are the experiences you’re having just reflecting back your intepretation this belief? Is who you believe you are even close to the truth? AMT Certified EFT Master and author Eloisa Ramos takes us from the desire for self-esteem, all the way through to claiming self-worth.  Eloisa encourages us to ‘decide again’, by aligning body […]

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EFT: People Pleasing and the Courage to be Vulnerable

What is vulnerability? The word can suggest negative connotations, but what if stepping into that place was truly, and permanently, healing? Being vulnerable may expose us to judgements, criticism, and being wounded on some level. Being vulnerable takes courage. Some people avoid it at all costs, feeling threatened or unsafe. Others embrace it wholeheartedly! During […]

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