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Why Matrix Reimprinting? Why not just EFT? Guest: Ann Adams

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced EFT technique develped by Karl Dawson that actually goes into the negative past memories and changes the picture –  to literally transform that memory. This releases the root of the negative learning and emotions, which then changes our problematic reactions to our current life events. Welcome to our first Matrix Reimprinting show. […]

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Awakening: The Dance of Wholeness

Learn how intuition, creativity and spirituality work together for your growth into wholeness, and how you can consciously connect to your source energy. Author and medium Rosalie Deer Heart visits TapFest, bringing a lifetime of discoveries to help you awaken to your source energy, creativity and wholeness. How do we do that?!  Using a deep well of resources […]

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EFT for IBS, Crohn’s and Colitis Relief

Chronic digestive problems like IBS, Crohn’s Disease and Colitis, are considered by gastroenterologists to have no cause and no cure. Yet neurologists disagree. Increasingly, research by brain scientists shows that digestive problems are linked to trauma as well as adverse emotional experiences early in life. During today’s show, you will discover the surprising evidence about […]

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