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Inner RePatterning for Business – EFT Master Tania Prince

Is your business stalled? Do you wonder how can you attract more clients? You’re not alone… Solopractitioners everywhere have difficulty marketing their business. It’s not easy to step away from your skill set and transition to marketing maven! Practitioners struggle with pricing, packaging, technical skills and keeping up with all the demands of business. But …Read More

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New Treatments For Addictions

Do you struggle with addictions? Can your addictions be cured? Has the 12-step model failed for you? In our last show, we talked about using EFT for food addictions. The truth is – if you are fighting with one addiction, you are probably struggling with other addictions too. Join me and my guest, addictions specialist …Read More

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Anger Management & Tapping – The Inmate Project

TapFest welcomes back extraordinary practitioner Gene Monterastelli, who will share his long-awaited tapping program developed especially for the incarcerated and those who serve them. He’s written a book, overwhelmingly supported by an online funding campaign – so much support, in fact, that he’s able to publish twice as many as he anticipated! Gene joins us live from …Read More

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Radiant and Powerful – Sex & Intimacy for the Seasoned Woman

Many of us have learned to be motivated by fear rather than by pleasure. We’ve learned to make our decisions based on avoiding judgment rather than on what inspires passion. Tune in to learn how to stay true to your authentic Self, increase your sense of vibrancy and radically enhance your ability to be a …Read More

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Raising Children That Can Change the World

Who doesn’t want to empower children to be their best? To help them learn how to become all they can be?  To have confidence that they can change the world? TappingStar welcomes Mary Ayers, therapist and results coach, who’s taught thousands of parents how to raise kids to be Thinkers & Doers. And along the way, she …Read More

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EFT Video 4 – Seven Levels of Wealth Manifestation

This is one of the most powerful EFT tapping videos that you will ever tap along to! In this free video EFT coach Margaret Lynch shares with you a case study and tapping exercise that will “root out” the source of so much of your doubt, fear, rejection of, and anger at money. Are you ready to …Read More

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EFT Video 3 in the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation

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Margaret Lynch just released video #3  in her free four-part EFT tapping mini-series. In this unique series, Margaret leads you in clearing the negative “vows” that are keeping you from being financially successful. Are you being held back from living the life you want to live, because you feel that you’re not PERFECT yet? Margaret …Read More

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EFT Video 2: Is a Vow of Invisibility Holding You Back?

Margaret Lynch EFt Tapping - 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation

This is another excellent video in the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation training series. In this new EFT tap-along video, Margaret shares the story of Keri Ranson. Keri didn’t realize it, but she had taken the “vow of invisibility,” the limiting vow at her power center, her 3rd chakra. By vowing to be invisible – …Read More

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The Bliss Experiment!

Bliss!  What is it and why do we want but often fail to attain it? According to my guest, Sean Meshorer, author of The Bliss Experiment: 28 Days to Personal Transformation:  “We have a higher standard of living and more ways to instantaneously fulfill every desire than ever before. So why are we unhappy? Because happiness …Read More

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Do You Have a Limiting Money Vow That’s Strangling Your Income?

Margaret Lynch

People have been raving about these free videos. Take this valuable opportunity to tap along and clear any “money blocks” you might have. You may have heard about this sensational EFT Tapping video series a few months ago. If you missed it, you are in luck now because it’s back by popular demand! Margaret Lynch is …Read More

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