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EFT Tapping Intensive for Business Success – It’s free & online!

Don’t miss this free EFT tapping immersion experience which will give you the success secrets of these top business women (who are also tapping experts), sharing how to create your business success with more ease. What’s REALLY holding you back from making progress with your business or career? The excuses can take many forms…procrastination, uncertainty, self-doubt, …Read More

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Understanding Your Soul – Know Soul’s Language

How can you utilize your Soul and the Divine to move through your life with more ease and grace? Indeed, understanding your soul can help you to create a sustainable life and business, according to master intuitive, Jennifer Urezzio. Join your host, EFT expert Marla Tabaka, as she welcomes Jennifer to Million Dollar Mindset Tapping. Jennifer’s new paradigm …Read More

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EFT For Food Addiction

Do certain foods call your name? Do you feel “addicted” or obsessed with food? Do you prefer to eat alone, so others don’t see what you eat? Are you preoccupied with thoughts of food? Do you plan your day around food? These are all symptoms of food addiction. Join Dr. Carol Solomon for this show and find …Read More

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End Health Sabotage! Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind

Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind is the new book by psychologist and author, Dr. Henry Grayson.  His years of studying traditional, western views on health and well-being have been joined by sustained investigation of the the biological, neuro, social and immunological fields. Coupled with the science of quantum physics, Dr. Grayson offers a new …Read More

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TV News Story: Tapping Helps Overcome Trauma

Most of us can think of incidents, both small & large, that have had a negative impact on our lives and that still bother us today? Sometimes it can be something small like the memory of a classmate teasing you in front of others. And sometimes it can be something large, like abuse or a violent attack. Today …Read More

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Video: Is this a Template for World Peace?

I’ve seen this video at least 8 times, and every time it makes me cry,  in a good way…and feel hopeful for humanity. Is this a “Template for World Peace”? Watch the video and see what you think. This emotional, inspiring, heartfelt video shows how EFT tapping is being used to help people who really need …Read More

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Own Your Brilliance – Breaking free of the Imposter Syndrome

When you think about your accomplishments, do you worry that you won’t be able to live up to them in the future? Do you ever feel like you’ve somehow fooled people into thinking that you’re better than you are, and that any moment you could be revealed as a fraud? These are all symptoms of …Read More

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Native Medicine and EFT

Would it surprise you to hear that there are similarities between EFT and native medicine? Join Annabel Fisher as she speaks with Brenda Holder about Native Medicine and how it relates to EFT. Native Medicine uses energy in many healing ceremonies, including actually using the earth to move stuck energy and emotions. Brenda will also …Read More

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Change Your Money Story Now!

Isn’t it time that you burst through your money blocks so that you can create the life and business of your dreams? Everyone has a money story. The question is, “how healthy is it?” and “are you allowing money to have the power to stand between you and your dreams?” Having conducted over 20,000 soul …Read More

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Break the Self-Sabotage Cycle with EFT

Every entrepreneur dreams of running a thriving, profitable business. But as much as some business owners wish and work for abundance and success, something always seems to get in the way. Are these things always a product of our environment – or could it be self-sabotage? In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Tapping your …Read More

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