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Video #3 – Are You Addicted to Stress?

This video has a LOT of heart and soul, and is my favorite of the 3 pre-summit videos! Have you been watching the 2012 Tapping World Summit pre-event video series? Over 100,000 people signed up to watch the first two videos with Nick Ortner and Kris Carr over the last 6 days! In this video, personal coaching pioneer Cheryl […]

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How to Eliminate Your Biggest Fears – Video #2

This is the second video in the festivities leading up to the 2012 Tapping World Summit. Kris Carr started a health revolution with the film Crazy Sexy Cancer, which documented her journey after being diagnosed with untreatable, Stage 4 cancer. Watch this video with NY Times bestselling author Kris Carr as she shares some of her deepest fears and […]

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Get Motivated with EFT

Motivation is an important part of success. Yet, all too often we find ourselves creating reasons and excuses to NOT achieve the goals that will take us toward our dreams. Why do we self-sabotage in this way? Marla Tabaka is your host here on The Million Dollar Mindset and in this podcast you will learn […]

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Tapping World Summit 2012

It’s happening now! The 2012 Tapping World Summit is the largest and most exciting EFT event of the year…and it’s FREE! Over 300,000 people from around the world attended last year’s online event, the Tapping World Summit! It’s free to register for the Tapping World Summit so do it now! The line-up of this year’s EFT […]

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EFT for Helping Your Child with ADD/ADHD

From the parent to the teacher to the student, everyone wins from the skillful application of EFT to themselves and the other person. Join TappingStar for an evening with Rick Wilkes, popular EFT practitioner and teacher, as he teaches us how your child with ADD/ADHD can benefit by using EFT. From the parent to the […]

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Why EFT Works – New Science and Research

Have you ever tried to convince somebody that EFT tapping works? Well this should make it easier. There’s a new video on the latest research which explains why and how EFT Tapping rewires the brain, making lasting change for the better. People from all over the world have been using EFT tapping for over 15 year […]

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